Advertising on the Move with Car Stickers

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While car stickers are a fun and creative way to enhance your vehicle, they are also a great way to advertise your business. Some companies tend to consider car stickers and decals to be a more ‘old school’ way of promoting and advertising their business, especially when considering the digital world that we live in. However car decals are still a very effective way to promote and advertise, what’s more, is, they are simple and low cost making them an efficient and value for money marketing tool.

When it comes to providing information about your business or an event, placing your info on a car decal on your vehicle will help to increase your exposure as well as the audience that you are targeting. You’ll always be on the move and so will your advertising meaning it will reach more people than ever before. Car stickers are both an affordable and valuable way to advertise, grow and establish your firm.

Creating your Car Decal

The shape and size of your car sticker or decal will not just affect the cost, but it will also impact on the design and prominence to your audience. Bigger decals will obviously be easier to see and stand out, but it's important to consider if a larger sticker will fit on your vehicle. A diverse sticker shape will again grab viewers attention, but will it be suitable for the content that you’re going to display. You may consider having your sticker cut to meet a particular design, this will create a bold piece that will stand out to those passing by.

Positioning your Car Sticker

Where you decide to place your car sticker will have an impact on its visibility to drivers and people who are in the area or passing by. Some people may choose to have their sticker on the car bumper, which can be effective but a limited number of people will see it. Putting the decal on the car window will keep it at eye level with drivers who are behind you, ensuring that your sticker will be seen.

Should you opt for the rear windscreen position, then we advise that you use an adhesive that will allow you to remove and reposition your sticker, so if the current position isn’t working, you can try a new one.

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Your Sticker Design

While car decals and stickers provide a good amount of space to work with and use for information and advertising, this doesn’t mean that you will need to overload them or cram as much onto them as possible. The layout of the car sticker or decal should be clear and noticeable, as well as including bold and easy to read text. We also advise that you include an eye-catching image to help draw in viewers attention. Simple black and white may be all that you need in order to catch the attention of other drivers. It’s also essential that you include information that is concise and to the point, no one is going to take the time to read a sticker that includes lots of text. At Bade Newby we provide a range of sticker types and can help you to reduce the amount of information on your sticker, ensuring that it is effective and stands out.

Advertising with Car Decals

There are a range of marketing benefits when it comes to using car stickers, it's essential that you consider a range of factors before your final sticker design. Should you be looking to distribute your car stickers to clients and potential customers, it's important that you make sure that the decal is suitable for all car types. It's also vital to include contact information and a call to action as this will help to encourage clients to get in touch. With this in mind we advise that you include your phone number, website and email address, as well as social media pages.

At Bade Newby we provide a range of car decals and stickers that are all of the best quality, what’s more is our stickers are competitively priced. Our team is all experienced and has the skills needed to create bespoke stickers and decals, for more information on our car decals and stickers, please get in touch with our team today.

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