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It is often the case that some vinyl stickers may have to withstand the bad weather, or be in contact with water somehow, so therefore these stickers need to be waterproof and weather resistant. Bade Newby supply waterproof stickers and have a number of options available to suit your demands. We offer stickers and graphics in polypropylene, polyester and also vinyl, dependent on the level of water contact that these stickers will face. We recommend that if you require a sticker that is resistant to pretty much any type of wetness and are fully waterproof you go for the polypropylene as it is resistant to alcohol, oils and all weather conditions.

These stickers are finished in matt and can be printed in any full colour that you like. We also offer a varied range of self cling window stickers, which are designed to be placed on the inside of any glass or smooth surface, generally used promotional purposes and are clear or white backed. Like the rest of our sticker range these self cling stickers can have your logo or emblem printed onto the high quality vinyl. They are quite easy to apply and to remove as there is no adhesive applied to the sticker, so they don’t leave a sticky residue on your car or shop window. They can be cut to any size or shape and are printed in quantities ranging from 25 up to the thousands depending on its purpose. For all your sticker needs Bade Newby are among the very best in the industry. Call us for a free quote.

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