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Think about when you are in your local supermarket and you are walking down the aisle, what is the first thing that catches your eye? That’s right, branded, colourful stickers. Even if you buy the cheapest thing in the shop, you will still walk away with an aesthetically-pleasing, branded package with a sticker on it. The packaging of a product is vital to whether or not someone walks away with your product in their basket; desirability is everything when it comes to marketing your products, and this can be enhanced with high-quality packaging stickers. Stickers on your packaging also help to express your brand and allows shoppers to get an idea of who you are without looking into your company. Enable potential customers to have the best possible experience of your products by starting off the right way, with stunning stickers.

A Few Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to using quality stickers on your packaging, which is why we’ve decided to outline a few of the best ones below.

Brilliant Marketing Tools

At Bade Newby, we offer a wide range of stickers, all of which serve as brilliant marketing tools. As an established brand, your products will more than likely have a loyal customer base already, but this can be improved upon further by utilising proper marketing stickers to boost how strong your brand image is and how people feel about owning your products. Some interesting ways that you can do this include:
  1. Reinvent the inserts inside of your packaging; make them more useful and clearer to guarantee that your customers feel a sense of pride because they own the product.
  2. Include catchphrases or taglines that are catchy and easy to remember. This will help customers to instantly think about your products when they hear a specific word or phrase.
  3. Advertise your USP’s (Unique Selling Points) on your packaging.

Upscale Your Products

When you label your item and use eye-catching stickers, you can upscale your products significantly. As you know, supermarkets are full-to-the-brim with similar products under different manufacturers. This is why you need to make sure that the product that you are trying to sell is as luxurious and high-quality as possible, without the cost being way too high. Try to use stickers that are snappy and are graphically unique in order to set your products apart from those of your competitors. Having packaging that looks lively can really assist with sales and persuade customers to come back for repeat purchases. Stickers on your packaging can also add a little grandeur to your product and give the impression that the consumer is getting an extremely high-quality product for a competitive price.

Include A lot Of Information

Another great benefit of using stickers on your packaging is that you can really show how fresh and safe to use your products really are. From your brand name, the trademark symbol, and the usual certifications to the size of the package, its contents, and the features of the product itself, you can include a lot of useful information if you use packaging stickers. Including the expiry date and the environmental impact of your products can also make customers buy your products over others that are being offered. In the environmental world that we live in today, this is really something that you should not pass by.

Bade Newby Can Help

As we have mentioned above, we offer a brilliant range of stickers available to our customers, such as point of sale stickers. If you would like to discuss the products that we offer, please feel free to call our friendly team on 01509 412 228 or email sales@badenewby.co.uk.

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