Floor Stickers Most Common Uses

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Floor stickers can be used everywhere and anywhere, in the modern world you are likely to see them in most premises that you visit, whether they are advertising special promotions or one way systems around shops, you will see them! Floor stickers can be bespoke to the individual business and can be used so that individuals who are walking over them see them. High quality and effective graphics will generally be hard wearing, to withstand the heavy traffic they will no doubt endure. Here we will look at the most common uses of floor stickers.

Advertisements in Shops

From advertising a 50% off sale to buy one get one free offer, shops across the UK (and no doubt the world) have used them to advertise for a number of years now.

Floor Directions

Shopping centres, schools, nightclubs and more have used floor stickers to direct users. You can use them to direct customers through a one way system, to the fire exits, to different areas and more.


Again, you are likely to find promotional floor graphics in shops or shopping centres, but you may also find them in cafes or restaurants. With floor graphics, you can promote an event that is happening now or in the future.

Restricted Area

Restricted area floor markings are generally used in areas where members of the public aren’t allowed. You may find them in hospitals, factories and warehouses but they are also found in gyms and leisure centres too.

Warehouses and Factories

Everyone knows that warehouses are busy environments, with a number of people, moving machinery and operational equipment. Warehouses and factories use floor stickers to remind individuals of the dangers around them and the responsibilities that they need to be aware of when they are in the operating areas.

Social Distancing

In more recent times, the Covid-19 Pandemic and social distancing measures have prompted shops to use floor stickers to remind consumers to be socially distant and keep 1-2m apart where they can. This pandemic has seen shops and businesses use products for queuing both inside and outside of shops, as well as one way systems throughout shops to reduce the spread of Covid.

Where to Buy Floor Stickers

No matter why you are looking to buy floor stickers, be sure to use a well known and reliable printer such as Bade Newby Design Ltd who have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating products that are to be used in areas with a heavy footfall. All of the products that Bade Newby provide are customised and designed to suit the business needs, as well as being durable and resistant to dust and water.

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