How can you use self-cling stickers creatively?

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Self-cling stickers are also known as static clings. Unlike traditional stickers that stick to the surface using static electricity, which makes them repositionable. They can also be reused and do not leave any residue behind. 

Self cling stickers open a world of creative and practical applications you might never have imagined. They can be used as: 

  • Short term stickers
  • Removable stickers
  • Advertising messages
  • Stickers for sale
  • Car window stickers
  • Parking stickers
  • Business promotion stickers

Since these stickers are so versatile, this blog is primarily based on exploring their versatility so that our readers can understand where these self-cling stickers can be used. So let us begin: 

Self-Cling Stickers for personal use.

Do you want something creative to express yourself or add a touch of personalisation to your space or things? If yes, then self-cling stickers are the answer. Your search ends here. Here is how you can use them for personal use: 

Design your self-cling stickers for your laptops and tablets. You can print your favourite quote, any artwork you love, or even a family picture. Self-cling stickers can be designed in any way you like and are best if you want to add bespoke designs to your favourite things. 

Self-cling stickers are best for seasonal occasions. For example, Christmas is just around the corner. You can get Christmas stickers to create a festive feel. These stickers stick very easily to the surface and come out without leaving any residue. This means windows will not get dirty, and you can create beautiful decor at the most affordable prices. 

Does your kid love cartoon characters or any superhero like Batman or Superman? You can now customise your kid's bedroom using self-cling stickers featuring their favourite character. 

Self Cling Stickers for branding and promotion

Self-cling stickers can help you achieve your objectives, whether you want to sell, promote, or raise brand awareness. You need to use them most innovatively and effectively to get maximum benefits.

Do you want to create some eye-catching displays in your store? Use self-clipping stickers now! Use them to promote your brand and tell people about your promotional offers. You can also use them to tell people about your new launches. There are many applications; use your creativity and see how your sales will boost!!!

Vehicle advertising is one of the best ways of brand promotion. Use self-cling stickers on your company vehicles to advertise your brand on the go! Isn't it just amazing? And what is more amazing is that you can change these stickers when required!!

You can also use self-cling stickers and give them to your customers for free. They will stick them on their bags, bottles, and laptops, and you will get a free promotion!! See, the possibilities are many. You have to explore. 

What are the environmental benefits of double-sided stickers? 

Double-sided stickers are extremely versatile and environment-friendly. How? We will tell you: 

Most companies that make self-cling stickers use recyclable materials like PVC or PET. When your sales or discounts are over, you can recycle them and use them to get your next ad printed!! What can be easier than this?

Traditional adhesive stickers leave a lot of residue behind. This residue is not good for the environment. However, self-cleaning stickers leave no residue, and you will not need chemicals to clean your windows afterward. 

People these days look for sustainable options. Self-cling stickers are sustainable; what is just fantastic about them is that you can reuse them multiple times.

Tips for Designing the Best Stickers

Now you know how versatile self-cling stickers are!! Now, we are going to give you some design tips. Let's begin: 

If you use self-cling stickers to promote your brand, keep colour contrast in mind. The message on the sticker should be clear and visible from large distances. 

If you plan to use stickers for home decor, keep the colours of the walls in mind. These designs should look more subtle and moderate!

Make sure to keep the shape of the sticker in mind. There are three basic types of shapes: 

  • Contour Cut: This cut is very cheap and popular for promotional stickers. They are printed on white vinyl and come in gloss or matt finish. 
  • Die Cut: This requires more time as compared to the previous option. You will get individual stickers, not on a roll, when you go for a die cut. 
  • Contour and Die Cut: This is the combination of the two. It will give you manageable sticker sizes on a sheet that can be peeled off easily. The rest can be stored, and you can use them in the future. 

With die cutting, you can make custom shapes, so we recommend our readers to go for die cut. 

Please go for a transparent background, as it will allow your stickers to blend seamlessly with the surface, particularly window displays. 

How can Bade Newby help? 

We are the leading supplier of self-cling stickers in the United Kingdom. Our double sided stickers are mostly used in retail outlets for promotions, as well as windscreen stickers for car dealerships and brand promotions. 

Our stickers can be easily removed and do not leave any residue behind. They can be reused and applied on any smooth surface as often as required. We can print stickers of various shapes and sizes. We are renowned as one of the main distributors of car and shop window sticker prints, clear types of vinyl, floor sticker designs, and self-adhesive sticker printing in the UK.

We hope you liked our blog. We will meet you again soon with our next blog, where we will give you tips on choosing the best material for your self-cling stickers. Stay tuned!

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