Know Major Difference Between Vinyl Stickers And Static Clings Here!

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Usually, it is difficult to know what kind of sticker would be ideal for you as Vinyl stickers and static clings confuse us often while going to use them. Hence, we will tell you the differences between these two.

Vinyl Stickers

Typically, Vinyl stickers are long-lasting, weatherproof, and strong stickers as they can adhere to different types of surfaces such as plastic, glass, wood, and metal. These stickers are printed with an opaque and full-color design on one side and sealant on the second side. You can customize it according to your needs. These stickers have a stunning gloss finish as they are made of supreme and thick vinyl with a robust adhesive.

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Vinyl stickers are usually employed for promotion and handed out separately or included within the packaging. Vinyl stickers are perfectly employed for permanent branding as lasting signage because of their ability to survive outside exposure (Rain and UV).

Advantage: Vinyl stickers are an ideal choice for external use as they are weather-proof and last longer. You can utilize these stickers on any surface. There are various options in different designs are available that can be customized to perfectly cover the space.

Disadvantage: You can't use vinyl stickers for the second time as they can be wasted after one time of use. You may have to use a focused heat source to remove this sticker as it takes a long time, patience, and effort to take off from the place. 

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Static Clings

A thin plastic film (basically “clings” to diverse surfaces with static electricity) is used to produce Static Clings. These stickers cling to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic as they are typically printed with a solid design, vibrant full-color. They also have a glossy finish. 

Besides, a self-clinging white vinyl material (needs no adhesive) is employed for temporary placement, like window displays, oil change reminders, and temporary promotions. You can see from the inside or the outside of a window after installing Static clings.

Self-Cling Window Stickers are most effective to use for short-term signage that works for at least 6 months like temporary branding and promotions. These stickers are highly demanded for personal events and celebrations as they are ideal for that.

Advantage: As have an adhesive-free side, you can easily remove and reposition it. You can attach both sides of the material to the glass. These can also be a perfect option to reuse this graphic. Moreover, you can obtain these Self-Cling Window Stickers in different sizes from small window cling stickers to larger promotional signs. 

Disadvantage: Static clings are adhesive-free and not weather-resistant that's why they can't be survived tear and wear and not advised to use on cars and other vehicles. Likewise, the material loses its proficiency to cling with passing time this is why might require re-installation or even replacement.


Which One Should You Choose Decals or Clings?

What will you choose when it comes to a better option for yourself? Make the decision according to how long you want your graphics to endure. If you require temporary, reusable "stickers" for an inside job then choose static clings. Else choose vinyl decals as they are used for permanent, long-term, and weather-resistant.

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