Self-Cling Window Sticker Application

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Every year, millions of people buy self-cling window stickers, whether it be for their car to show support for their local football team or a business advertising their company. Self-cling window stickers are a great way to express your passion in a way that everyone can see. But if you are not careful when applying self-cling window stickers, you can end up with lumps and bumps, which is frustrating.

Here at Bade Newby displays, we have put together a few top tips for making sure your self-cling window stickers application goes seamlessly.


Our Top Tips

- Before trying to apply your self-cling window stickers you need to ensure that they are kept flat and crease-free. Make sure they do not bend or fold, this will damage the sticker before you have managed to use it.

- Clean your window! This is one of the most important tips. You need to make sure your window is free of dirt, grease or debris, this is because once your sticker is fitted it either won’t adhere to the window properly or the dirt will be visible.

- Clean more than just the window. This is important especially if you are fitting a ceiling to floor self-cling window sticker. Cleaning window frames and skirting boards of debris, dirt and dust is important, this keeps the area clean and ensures your application will go smoothly. Removing the backing paper needs to be carried out carefully! You need to slowly and carefully peel the backing paper off, this reduces your risk of tearing or ripping the self-cling window sticker.

- The next step is optional, we recommend spraying a small amount of water mist on the window before you applying the self-cling window sticker, it will give you more scope to move it should you put it in the wrong place.

- USE A SQUEEGEE! Start in the middle of the self-cling window sticker and slowly press down and out, removing any air bubbles carefully. If you can hold the rest of the self-cling window sticker just off the surface you are trying to apply it to, this will give you a smoother application process. Once you have applied the sticker, take a step back and see if you can see any air bubbles, trapped dirt or anything issues with the final finish of the sticker. If you see an air bubble, carefully try and press and slide it out, giving you the perfect finish.

- Use a cloth or rag to clean the surrounding area, whether it be water left from the misting or general dirt, this will ensure your self-cling window sticker stays put for as long as you need it to.

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If you’ve never applied self-cling window stickers before, it can be a daunting task. There are many small steps to take and the application process is subjective to each person based on their skill level. We’re providing these simple instructions for how we apply our own self-cling window sticker designs so that you have some guidance when applying your own design.

And if you need any help with this tricky project, please don't hesitate to contact us at Bade Newby Displays! Our team of experts will happily walk through the entire process step by step and provide recommendations based on what they see in your design file or computer screen. Give us a call today, we are always more than happy to help in any way we can.

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