[envira-gallery id="1918"] When it comes to vinyl stickers however the only downside to them is actually applying them, if they aren’t applied in the correct manner they can look un-professional, so the experts here at Bade Newby are happy to run through how to correctly apply vinyl stickers and window stickers for whatever purpose. Here are some tips and instructions on how to apply vinyl stickers without creating bubbles. Vinyl graphics come with three layers, firstly a back layer and a masking layer which protect the middle layer; and the middle layer which is the actual vinyl itself. One of the most important factors when applying the vinyl is to ensure that the surface you are placing it on is completely clean, ensuring that there are no bits of dust or debris at all on the surface. Always clean the surface with soap and warm water only, ensuring that it is completely clean and then dried thoroughly after. If you don’t have someone to assist you applying the window stickers, apply some small pieces of masking tape to hold it in place and help you position it. [envira-gallery id="1919"] When you are happy with the positioning of it ensure it is completely straight, and then take a thick piece of tape and apply this so it sticks to the surface and vinyl, acting as a hinge that allows you to lift and drop the sticker from the surface whilst maintaining the position. Now get some soap and water ready in a spray bottle, this is used to keep the adhesive from sticking permanently when applying it if not completely straight. For the final part now, lift the vinyl sticker from the surface and remove the protective layer, now lower the graphic to the surface working from the top down, using a cloth or squeegee to keep it smooth on the surface. Never put the graphic down all at once, work slowly ensuring each part is bubble and wrinkle free. Once the graphic is flat then go over it with the cloth/squeegee to get out any access water and then slowly remove the masking tape on the edge. You should then have a water free, bubble free, wrinkle free vinyl window sticker applied.   For any help, advice or assistance on the purchase or application of vinyl stickers, contact us today at Bade Newby.