Numbered Stickers


Our self adhesive numbering stickers are ideal for all types of businesses and organizations, as our special purpose number decals can be used for a variety of purposes. Also, you can apply these stickers to any flat surface with a smooth texture such as a window, door, file cabinet or wall. In fact, you can apply these stickers to any surface without causing any damages. Furthermore, our special purpose numbers are made from a high quality self adhesive material which enables it to easily stick on any surface and can be reused as many times as required. Apart from this, it can also be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue.


  • Sequentially numbered
  • High quality full colour vinyl stickers, supplied on sheets or rolls.
  • UV colour safe – will not fade in sunlight
  • Available in high tack, permanent, removable or ultra low tack adhesive
  • Your own custom size and shape.
  • For use on any surface including windows ie helmet stickersparking permits
  • Fully waterproof

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    benefits of NUMBERED STICKERS

    We produce number stickers of many different colors and sizes. Our self adhesive numbers come in a range of 3 to 9 digits. Furthermore, we also produce custom made numbers with the help of our dedicated team of professionals who assist you in choosing the color and size that best suits your requirements. The pricing of our number stickers is extremely affordable and economical, so you can get as many numbers as you need without hurting your pocket.

    Applying number stickers on your home or business display windows help you to improve the security of the property by helping in identifying it. These numbers are associated with a particular address which can be used by people who would want to return back home safely. In fact, the presence of these numbers serves as a reminder for them to write down the house number and use it to find their destination. In addition, the presence of these numbers also reduces the chance of a house break in or an attempted robbery. Our range of number stickers can be used for many other purposes such as giving out numbers at exhibitions and trade shows for quick reference and directions.

    Number stickers are popularly used for marking and organizing the storage of goods at warehouses and industries. These numbers prove useful in quickly locating certain goods and items so they can be retrieved easily. In fact, number stickers also help in keeping track of inventory as well as keeping track of who is where and what he/she is doing.

    Looking for number stickers in the UK, then feel free to contact Bade Newby Ltd today at our dedicated number stickers production center which is equipped with the latest technologies and facilities to provide you with quality individually numbered stickers at highly affordable prices. Also, get in touch with our experts for special deals on floor stickers and other waterproof sticker series.

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