Consecutive Number stickers for exterior or interior use.

Get the highly durable and waterproof numbered stickers from ‘Bade Newby Display ’ Stick to any surface including windows. We are providing a versatile range of vinyl numbered stickers that are digitally printed, self-adhesive and available for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

They are an ideal option for promoting your business contacts or for numbering doc files, pages,locations, industry items, cars and household products.



Sequentially numbered
High quality full colour vinyl stickers, supplied on sheets or rolls.
UV colour safe – will not fade in sunlight
Available in high tack, permanent, removable or ultra low tack adhesive
Your own custom size and shape.
For use on any surface including windows ie helmet stickers, parking permits
Fully waterproof


Please note: our minimum set up charge for Vinyl Stickers is £50.00 plus VAT and delivery.


With our special purpose numbered stickers, you can simply arrange any number sequence
which in return can help you to promote your business contacts or to provide a unique identification of certain places such as your house and street locations. Apart from this, you can also order for the individually numbered stickers or some customized vinyl stickers, as per your bespoke size, shape, and design.

So it is a clear fact that numbered stickers, or numbered labels, have many possible applications. From promoting business contacts to organizing and identifying certain objects and items, they can serve various multidimensional-numbering- needs that are often associated with our everyday life.



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