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Self cling window stickers for advertising and promotions


Today, the market is flooded with options that can make it possible for business owners to market their brands with a wide range of strategies and tools. Yet Static Cling window stickers remain one of the most powerful ways to promote your business, event, offer or service.

Clients can easily attach them to windows, glass doors, or even car windows, and target a large audience.

Clients like to use these cling window stickers because don't leave any sticky residue behind when you remove them. These are ideal for any kind of announcement related to sales, displaying your business hours, or simply making your storefront look more attractive, self-cling stickers are a fantastic choice.

Each client has different requirements which it why we ensure that these are customizable too, so you can design them to match your brand's colours and style.

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Apply Self Cling Window Stickers


Gather Your Materials: Start by making sure that you procure everything you need: the Self Cling Window Sticker of your choice, a clean cloth, and a spray bottle filled with water.

Prepare the Surface: Clean the glass surface where you intend to apply the sticker thoroughly. Ensure that you remove any dirt, dust, or grease. To do that, you can use a glass cleaner but make sure that after cleaning, make sure the glass is completely dry.

Apply a Light Mist of Water: Spray a fine mist of water onto the cleaned glass surface, especially in the case of Car Window Stickers. This will provide the necessary moisture for the sticker to adhere to and allow for adjustments if needed.

Position the Sticker: Gently place the sticker onto the moist glass surface. Begin from one corner and smoothly press it down while moving your hand across the sticker to ensure it attaches evenly.

Smooth Out Air Bubbles: You do not want any air bubbles trapped under the sticker. If there are any bubbles use your fingers or a plastic card to gently smooth them out. The best way is to start from the centre and move towards the edges ensuring there are no air bubbles and the surface is clean.

Make Adjustments: If the sticker isn't perfectly aligned or positioned as you desire, don't worry. You can carefully peel it off and reposition it thanks to the moist surface.

Secure the Edges: After you're satisfied with the placement, firmly press down on the sticker's edges to ensure a secure bond with the glass.

Wipe Away Excess Moisture: Use a clean, lint-free cloth to gently wipe away any remaining water or moisture from around the sticker's edges.

Allow it to Set: Lastly, give the sticker some time to set and dry, typically a few hours or as recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures it adheres firmly to the glass surface.


What exactly are Self Cling Window Stickers?

Self Cling Window Stickers are special stickers that stick to glass windows without using any glue. They sort of "cling" on to the surface and are a great way of

How do these stickers stick without any glue?

These stickers use static electricity to stick to glass surfaces. When you press them onto a window, they stay put because of this special electrical charge. Be assured there is no messy glue involved!

Why would I want to use Self Cling Stickers?

These stickers have some great benefits:

  • They're a breeze to apply and remove.
  • No sticky mess left behind, guaranteed.
  • You can use them repeatedly, which is a big money-saver. 
  • Customize them to perfectly match your style and brand.

Where can I stick these Self Cling Stickers?

You can stick them on all sorts of glassy places like windows, glass doors, car windows, and more. Our clients often use them to promote their business, share event info, or just make things look pretty.

You can also choose to go for Double Sided Window Stickers and Car Window Stickers, depending on your requirement to maximize visibility from both inside and outside your window.

Can I make my own designs for these Self Cling Stickers?

Absolutely! You can create your own designs for Self Cling Window Stickers. We encourage our clients to come up with their creativity and make them look just the way they want. They get to include their brand colours, logo, and messages.

Are they good for short-term promotions?

Yes, these stickers are great for short-term promotions or events. They're easy to put on and take off, so they're perfect for advertising something temporarily. Double Sided Window Stickers are also great options for short-term promotions.

How do I take them off the window when I'm done?

Removing Self Cling Window Stickers is a breeze. Just peel them off gently. They should come off without any sticky leftovers.


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