Contract And Status


By placing an order with Bade Newby Display Limited, you are acknowledging and accepting our Terms and Conditions and thereby entering into a contract for the purpose of your order.

Once your order has been received, Bade Newby Display Limited will issue a confirmation email to relay the specific details of your order and supply you with a Reference/Job Number for your transaction. The contact between yourself and the Company will relate only to the products ordered under this reference and Bade Newby will not be obliged to provide additional products or services under this contract unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company.

Further products or services can be ordered under a new Job Number upon entry of a secondary contract.
By placing an order with Bade Newby and entering into a contract with the Company, you are confirming the following statements:

You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract with the Company

You are at least 18 years old

Product Description And Information


Bade Newby Display Limited takes great care to make sure that we are providing clear and accurate descriptions for each of the products and services that we offer. Therefore, any queries surrounding any of our products should be raised prior to placing an order.

By placing an order with Bade Newby Display Limited, you are agreeing that you have acknowledged the specifications of our products, the terms of our services and are happy to proceed with your order with this understanding.

Prices And Payment


All prices stated on our website or quoted over the phone are not inclusive of VAT or delivery charges unless stated otherwise.

If you wish to receive a quote over the phone which is inclusive of VAT, this should be requested when speaking to our advisors who will be able to provide both an inclusive and exclusive quotation. For paper or email quotes, an additional line will be added to show the VAT and grand total of your proposed order.

All quotes supplied by Bade Newby Display Limited are valid for 60 days unless stated otherwise. The Company is not obliged to honour quotes which have exceeded this period.

Prices quoted refer only to the works discussed at the time the quote was issued – any changes made to your order after this time may incur additional costs. These charges are applicable at all stages of your order where changes are made and can relate to, but are not exclusive to; the order quantity, the complexity of your design and the type of product or print required.

Prices, service charges and minimum orders are liable to change at any time. These changes will not be applicable to orders which were confirmed prior to these alterations but may affect future orders with the Company.

Discounts on bulk orders are applied at the discretion of Bade Newby Display Limited and are valid only for the quoted order or specific Job Reference. These discounts cannot be transferred or assumed on any other orders placed.



A written order is required before any work will commence for commissioned designs. For orders agreed over the phone, a confirmation email will be sent to the Customer which will act as a written order unless stated otherwise.
Bade Newby Display Limited will provide a digital ‘proof’ of your product prior to printing taking place. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to check this artwork for errors or alterations prior to approving the artwork for print.

Any changes or amendments to your order or design should be made during the ‘Development’ stage of our service – prior to production taking place. Any amendments made after production has begun will incur a charge for the defective pieces.

As most of our products are personalised or contain customised artwork, the production of your order will not commence until full payment is received on any first order. After a credit check, any subsequent orders can be on a 30 day invoice with a set limit agreed through our finance company.

Once the order has been confirmed and monies received, Bade Newby Display Limited will begin to produce your item(s) and consequently, you will not be able to cancel your order.



We aim to ship all orders within 7 days of the design being finalised. However, please be advised that this is only an aim, not a guarantee. Large orders or orders made up of several different products may take longer to process.

Bade Newby Display Limited are often able to produce ‘Panic Orders’ within 24-48 hours. However, please be advised that this is not a guarantee and may be dependant upon factors not within our control. In order to create a product that we can guarantee you will be fully satisfied with, designs requiring substantial input from our graphic designers may not be able to be produced within this timescale.

Bade Newby Display Limited will not be liable for any delays caused by 3rd party companies.



As the artwork has been pre-approved by the Customer and the product(s) produced to your unique, custom requirements, Bade Newby Display Limited cannot accept returns on any personalised items.

Stock and standard items can be returned within 14 days subject to approval and should be arranged with the Company prior to return.

All deliveries should be checked upon receipt and any damage should be reported at the time of delivery.
Defective products may be replaced by Bade Newby Display Limited at the Company’s discretion providing the above procedure has been adhered to.

The Customer will be liable for products damaged by incorrect handling or application.

Quantity and Printing


Bade Newby Display Limited makes every effort to produce quality products and ensure customer satisfaction through our use of superior materials and ongoing liaisons with the Customer.

All reasonable efforts will be made by the Company to match our colours to those requested. However, please be aware that colour variation is an inherent part of the printing process – even when full colour printing methods are applied.

Furthermore, Customers should note that colours displayed on a screen may vary from those on print due the display settings of your PC monitor or device.

Bade Newby Display Limited will not be liable for colour variations or obliged to replicate texture or transparency (unless the appropriate sticker type has been requested).



It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all imagery and text used has the appropriate consent to be reproduced prior to instructing the Company to commence work on your order – for images not owned by the customer, this may require reading the Terms and Conditions of use or purchasing rights to the imagery.

Bade Newby Display Limited will not be liable for checking the Copyright status of your design(s).
The Customer shall indemnify Bade Newby Display Limited and testify that the Company is harmless against all claims, costs, expenses and damages which may arise whereby products produced are believed to be in breach of Copyright laws.

All artwork produced by Bade Newby Display Limited remains the property of the Company unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing. These materials may be used by the Company at any time for promotional purposes without additional consent from the Customer.



Bade Newby Display Limited reserve the right to decline or terminate works whereby the content may be perceived as illegal or offensive. This decision is made at the discretion of the Company and will not be negotiated.